[Week 3] Stalybridge St. Paul’s 2nd XI vs Buxworth 2nd XI

Stalybridge St. Paul's CC 2nd XIStalybridge 2nds opened the batting after losing the toss to a 10 man Buxworth, with a solid Mike Brownesque performance from Anthony Hunter, with 33 runs from 99 deliveries, before the rest of the team collapsed with just Gary Sandiford and Keith Bowers making double figures (just) with 17 and 11 respectively, leaving Brian Stone’s men’s innings 6 runs short of a batting point, mainly down to a good bowling performance from Buxworth’s young bowler Marcus Page who bowled a respectable 4-26 in 10 overs.

With just 94 on the board, it looked an unlikely task to take anything from the match, but with said bowler Page having to drop out of their batting, Buxworth were subsequently reduced to nine men, which, between Mudi Bashir (3-14 5M 10O), Pete Coxon (3-21 6M 10O), Gary Sandiford (1-4 1M 2O) and Faz Hussain (1-0 1M 1.3O) managed to knock over in short order keeping Buxworth to a innings total of just 59, with only Ken Bradbury and Alan Reynolds making double figures for the Derbyshire side with 18 and 11 between them.

The 2nds next match is tomorrow when they play the rescheduled Hawke Trophy match against Birch Vale and Thornsett CC again at home, who incidentally are the same team they’ll be playing at the next home game two weeks from now, with Compstall CC away in-between on the 14th.

Match score sheet:
20160507-Stalybridge St Pauls CC 2nd XI-Buxworth 2nd XI