[Week 14] Buxworth CC 2nd XI vs Stalybridge St. Paul’s CC 2nd XI

Stalybridge St. Paul's CC 2nd XIMike Brown and Alex Wilde give opening batsman masterclass and Faz gets a 5fer.

After getting lost in a little cul-de-sac because Google Maps thought Buxworth Cricket Club was at the top of it (something I’ve contacted them about, and is fixed already), we arrived at the ground just as Brian was losing the toss, and was put into bowl, and by ‘eck it’s a small ground, surrounded by some beautiful Derbyshire scenery.

Buxworth 2nds vs Stalybridge 2nds: 23rd July 2016
Buxworth 2nds vs Stalybridge 2nds: 23rd July 2016

Mudi Bashir looked to be back in the form he was lacking last week, taking two early wickets, but with the fall of the first brought their captain Mike Edwards onto the field, who made a couple of decent partnerships, with the next couple of batsmen, before being caught by Mudi for Faz Hussain’s first wicket, and with his dismissal just having gotten his half-century with 56, it appears Buxworth didn’t have a plan B, as the rest fell to the combined bowling attack of Faz, Pete Coxon and finally Mudi getting the 10th wicket to see Buxworth all out for 140, by my estimation probably 30-40 short of a par for that ground, what was funnier was Faz not being aware that he’d gotten a 5th wicket, he completely forgot he got the catch from Mudi too, so was pretty buzzing that he’d got his 5fer, well done mate.

After what appeared to be the shortest (albeit lovely) tea’s in history, but perhaps that was the Stella keeping time, it was time for Stalybridge to bat, and for the next 29.3 overs Mike Brown and Alex Wilde took everything the Buxworth bowlers could throw at them, and proceeded to pepper the short boundaries with Mike hitting 9 fours and 5 sixes, his first clearing the Buxworth pavilion, and two others hitting the houses just beyond the grounds’ wall finishing on 86 from 88 balls, and Alex completing the innings with a four, his eighth of his innings to end on 40 with just one more delivery than Mike at 89 balls, for Stalybridge to get the maximum 20 points.

Result: Stalybridge St. Paul’s 2nds win by 10 wickets and 4 runs.

Match scorecard: Buxworth 2nd XI-Stalybridge St Pauls CC 2nd XI