DCCL Changes for 2017 and beyond…

On 15th December 2016, the Clubs of the Intersport Monkhouse Derbyshire & Cheshire Cricket League voted on the following Rule and Structure changes at an Extraordinary General Meeting:


Section 1 Rule Changes:
Rule 7
There will be no fines for teams failing to field a full XI or conceding games, instead a system of points deductions will be used (1 point per player missing, with 10 points from the First XI if a game is conceded by either side)

Rule 2
Management will have the discretion to be flexible about the requirements for League membership.  For example if a club were to approach the League with a view to joining but only had one senior side, Management could still enter into discussions with a view to offering them a place in the League if it was believed it would benefit the League in the long term.

Structure Changes:
Start Times
All matches will start at 1pm with the exception of the final 2 which will be 12:30

2nd XI Match Length
Clubs voted to keep fixtures at 45 overs per side (90 over matches)

Clubs voted to keep teas

T20 Competition
Clubs voted to introduce a formal, League run T20 Competition, matches to be held on Thursday evenings with a finals day

2018 League Structure
From 2018 the League will move to a Six Division system (3 Divisions of First XI, 3 of Second XI)

Other Endorsed Changes
The League can also confirm that a 12 over maximum for any one bowler per game will come into force across First XI cricket, mirroring the model used in Divisions 3&4 in recent seasons.

The Hawke Trophy will be voluntary in 2017

Any club wishing to talk to the League about joining should contact Ian Halford, League Secretary, on 07428 188 395 or via email.

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