Offerton 1sts vs Staly 1sts

Stalybridge St. Paul's CC 1st XICourtesy of Fishy!




It was the first game of the season,
first game without him with tattoos.
The pressure was all on James Brady
whose interest is still only booze.
We played in a fly infested hell hole,
against a team with not much on show,
with newcomers Nockers and Phil,
and return of the ‘student’ big Joe.
Brady and Gaz got things rolling,
the wee man mixing his pace,
then Jamie got in on the act,
and Offerton just weren’t at the race.
All out for just short of the ton,
a few more than probably deserved,
and with our collapsible line up,
the skipper was rightly unnerved.
But fear not we have a new stalwart,
for Phil was there all the way through,
Adam was in there for a short while,
but he looked like the one on debut.
Winky came in to push things,
wafting for an over or two,
but soon he found his rhythm,
and the bowlers weren’t sure what to do.
A big victory, a win by 9 wickets,
maximum points on week one;
no doubts we’ll face tougher tests,
but a very efficient job done.

Result: Stalybridge 1sts win by 9 wickets.

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