Countdown to Season 2018

With just 8 weeks to go before the start of the new season, Tuesday night nets have been underway for the last couple of weeks, so it was time to prepare the website for the new season also; with the league’s move away from CricHQ after just one season due to poor service, and them apparently entering into receivership, it meant the return to Play-Cricket, the ECB’s own back-end system for fixtures and stats, this meant a whole new learning curve for me, to learn how to to integrate their data using JSON directly into our site, meaning the 1st XI and 2nd XI league tables are now generated on the fly from live data. The fixture lists are now searchable, so you can now see when you’re playing a particular team, or who on what date, as well as linking to the relevant fixture information on the Play-Cricket website, if needed.

I’ve made preparations for preparation for full detailed scorecards to be viewable, which is something CricHQ initially provided at the beginning of their usage, but kiboshed about half way through the season, an example of the new page is viewable here. which was the last game we played in the Cheshire Cricket Alliance, and last to use Play-Cricket back then.

In addition, I’ve signed up to Periscope, and depending on phone reception and electricity, I’ll try and live-stream video of matches I score at, depending on whether anyone cares or not. 🙂

And finally, presuming there’s somewhere a bit more scoreboard friendly this season, I’ve got another geeky thing to unveil for home match-day scoring.

In the mean-time, there’s a new app to download on your phones for live coverage of matches, so delete the CricHQ one you have, and head on over to your relevant app-store to get ECB Play Cricket Live.

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