[Week 6] Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 2nd XI vs Stalybridge St. Paul’s CC 2nd XI

Poor batting and decisions not going in Stalybridge’s favour gives Charlesworth & Chisworth comfortable victory.

I’ll state for the record now, poor officiating either by the inability to hear edges caught behind, the inability to count to 6 regularly or inability to see when a ball is hitting a leg plumb smack-bang in the middle of someone’s middle stick is not what lost us the game today, it certainly didn’t help, but it was the simple fact that for the 2nd week running we haven’t had more than three batsmen reach double figures, and only one in those two matches exceed 30 runs, and it matters not who you’re playing, if they haven’t won a match in 30 years, if you’re not putting runs on the board, then you’re going to have a bad time.

Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 2nd XI vs Stalybridge St. Paul's CC 2nd XI
Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 2nd XI vs Stalybridge St. Paul’s CC 2nd XI – 1st June 2019

With Stalybridge’s captain Brian Stone losing the toss, Charlesworth had their first opportunity this season to put their opposition into bat,  and with the match underway, it wasn’t until the 8th over that Stalybridge notched up their first run of the day, it doesn’t get more exciting than that!

With Alex Wilde putting his usual dogged shift in, there was unfortunately no-one at the other end willing to put runs on the board, and after 90 minutes, Alex was bowled for just 15 runs by a work colleague of mine, David Sargeant, who’s probably going to make my life hell after the Champions League result, as he’s also a Liverpool supporter.

With only two others in the Stalybridge batting line-up reaching double figures, Krunal Bhatt (17) and Old Iron-Knees Mooney (27) it was little wonder that the visitors crawled over the line completing their overs with a total of just 88-8.

Not to take anything away from the C&C bowlers, they performed admirably, with opener Steve Marren completing 11 overs with figures of 3-11.

After tea, despite having a low target to aim for, the bowling attack helped in a small part, to make up for the lack in batting,  by restricting Charlesworth’s batters to similarly lowish figures, but a number of key wickets were not given when on two occasions audible edges weren’t given when caught behind, as the umpire in question is deaf as a post, and as I left the field, one of our bowlers was obviously incensed when he told me that one of the comments he got from the umpire was “if you had appealed properly, I’d have given him out”!!! What was he supposed to do, wave semaphore flags?

But hey ho, everyone has bad decisions go their way, so I reiterate the point that had we batted decently, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

On the upside, my dog was completely knackered when we got home, after spending the full day in the open air, so there’s that I guess.

Final result and score-card: Charlesworth and Chisworth CC 2nd XI won by 4 wickets.

You may, if you’re actively reading these missives of mine, note that I neglected to post one for last week’s fixture against Hollingworth, this was  a conscious decision made due to a number of players being down following a poor game, and I didn’t want to add my impending negativity to their suffering, however a week has since passed, and it is my solemn duty to present the following to Keith Bowers in recognition for back to back ‘goldens’.  Sorry bud.


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