[Week 7] Stalybridge CC 2nd XI vs Dove Holes CC 2nd XI

After last week’s 68 run defeat to Hazel Grove in the Hawke Trophy, it was always going to be a tough ask to turn that around against league leaders Dove Holes.

Winning the toss, Stalybridge Captain, Brian Stone opted for the only decision of batting on another glorious afternoon in sunny Dukinfield, but openers Alex Wilde and Jordan Sherwin couldn’t make any headway against the precision bowling from Cory Flint and Kevin Waterhouse, and both were dismissed by the end of the 7th over, with just 9 runs to show for it, but that was only the start of it, by the start of the 13th over, Stalybridge had been reduced to just 4 wickets remaining, for a score of just 15!

I was telling people we were in danger of collapsing for less than our lowest score that I remembered of 26, but having gone back through the historical data, I can’t see where I conjured that total for, and with the rest of the wickets falling to Messrs Flint and Waterhouse (excepting the run-out of Martin Hatton), Stalybridge managed to surpass that milestone (or should that read millstone?) but it only took until the 23rd over for Cory Flint to claim his 6th wicket of the day in Ned Woodman, to see his figures 6-18, ending Stalybridge’s innings with a dismal 40 run total.

The umpires were obviously keen to keep the proceedings to a minimum, as they had everyone back in the field 5 minutes after commencing the interval.  Dove Holes were equally keen to finish the job quickly, commencing their innings with a four just in front of my scorebox with the opening ball.  Realistically, it was only a matter of when, rather than if the visitors would claim their 7th win in as many league games and despite Madussar Bashir and Martin Hatton picking up a consolation wicket apiece, it took just 13 overs for Dove to knock the 40 runs off, ending 41-2.

Thankfully, the 2s score of 40 is NOT the worst that I can find, today was however only one run better than the game away at Kerridge (Bollington) on the 30th April 2005, when chasing 76, they were all out for 39, though Brian’s son Graham claims an even worse defeat to the  hands of Bowden Vale CC for just 22; Urgh.

Final result and scorecard: Dove Holes CC 2nd XI win by 8 wickets.

Next week the opponents will be Broadbottom, at their ground… Oh joy.

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