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The cutouts have been made, and the joists applied to the back to form a frame, and I’ve just applied the first coat of primer, and I’ve got to say, it’s definitely going to look the part, though dragging it out each game is going to be interesting, it’s definitely going to need a trolley of some description I think.

First coat of primer done.

Two fat ladies…

The wood that the LEDs attach to were finished today, and I almost cried for the guy who was doing me a favour to make them, as he’d given me two 2 digit modules instead of a 4th 3 digit version, but they’re looking so good, and my maths works out for the LEDs to fit perfectly; once they’re painted, I’ll start on wiring the LED modules and circuit board on.

And it wasn’t until I was halfway through priming the third one that I realised it didn’t need painting, as it’s not going to be seen behind the black and green acrylic sheets. D’oh!  Then I thought sod it, and carried on and painted the remaining three.

After having to pull an all-nighter at work on Thursday night/Friday morning, putting in 26 and 1/2 hours at my desk, fixing an encrypted file system, I had plenty of time to work on the wiring, and got the single digit, double digit, and one of the 4 treble digits wired up, but like with everything else that happened that night, not many things went to plan, and I’ve been working on the treble board all day Monday trying to get it to work, but something is awry somewhere, as the digits just flash on and off constantly, not displaying numbers per-se, so feeling pretty down about it today, was going so well, but it’s definitely kicked me when I was down, ah well, fresh eyes on it in the morning me-thinks.

Been slow going this week so far, I’m still hitting a roadblock as far as the displaying of the digits are concerned, which is frustrating, but with thanks to Dave Smith at AEM Plastics, the acrylic digit cover sheets, and the 2.3m piece of poly-carb for the front are cut and ready to be collected, and I’ve managed to secure someone to build a bespoke trolley thingamabob to wheel it out on for nowt, so I’ve got that going for me, so in theory, I now have (or will have very soon) everything for it, now if only I could get the bloody digits showing on the ACTUAL LEDs, I could feel like I’m progressing.

Cue music from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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